Boundless Engagement

CIR-CoverPhoto-WebThe energy, creativity and knowledge of the University of Toronto is boundless. And it seeks outlets, all over the globe and beyond the stars, where challenges can be confronted and solutions offered. It is born from a desire for new opportunities to apply our research and gain new insights on the world around us.

The activities of the University of Toronto cover every aspect of human endeavour. Be it creating new businesses, advancing learning in urban schools, finding new treatments to fight cancer, providing new hygiene solutions for the developing world, or achieving glory at the 2012 Summer Olympics, U of T’s people are there at the forefront.

The U of T community — students, faculty, staff and alumni — want not only to contribute, but to lead. Groups close to home and around the world look to our leaders for guidance and assistance. More than 15,000 patients were seen by the Faculty of Dentistry’s clinic in 2012; over a quarter of Ontario’s doctors were educated by U of T; and more than 100,000 people across the planet are learning from our faculty through the online learning platform Coursera. And, as an internationally recognized research university in the top tier of public institutions in the world, our efforts encourage others to act and our actions lend credibility to important and weighty issues.

What follows here is a representation of the many ways U of T’s people utilize their skills and knowledge to make a positive and tangible impact. Individually, these stories are inspiring. Together, they speak to the high level of commitment, the drive for success and the shared focus on achieving a healthy and sustainable future that defines this university.